8 thoughts on “DESIGN FOR LIVING (1933)

  1. Aaaah! There are so many fun bits from this one. I lerve the scene early on, where the boys are asleep on the train and she draws them. heehee

    You make me want to post on this one too. How rude of you to influence what I may or may not post. <3<3<3

      • Same here. I took a few screen captures (like 100 – hahaha!) from this film a while back. I couldn’t stop clicking. Oh, this scene! This one too! 😉
        There is a trick to getting images to show up in comments here. You have to edit the comment by adding additional code around the link. Go to edit comment, and then wrap the following around the image url so that it looks like this:
        Try it. 🙂

    • I suck!. I think I just deleted it. Please post it again…What to wrap around it? I put two arrows on both sides and updated then it got deleted. Come backkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Hahaha!<3

  2. Hello! I’m sorry but I have problems with my friends list, I can’t see it, that’s why I made my post with Klaus Kinski. Any way I am here!

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